Club History:





The first decade of the new century is full of promise for the club. The Mount Mansfield Winter Academy
moves to a new home. New stars are representing the club on the World Cup alpine and snowboard circuits.
The junior programs are loaded with young talent.




  • Lou Strong retired after long years and extreme hours as Executive Secretary and Office Manager. Marina Gisquet moved
    into her chair and Mary Beth Kreizel agreed to be Race Secretary.
  • An MMSC Freestyle Team was born.
  • Jay Ross left to follow his daughter Lauren's career. Tom Silva adopted the JIIIs and Billy Reichelt the JIVs. Bob St. Pierre
    headed the Freestyle program.
  • Scott Moriarty, our Head Coach was named the VARA and the USSA Domestic Alpine Coach of the Year, after 20 years of coaching and hoping.
  • Gerhardt Schmidt was paralyzed in a mountain biking accident.
  • Kyle Clancy earned a top 5 World Cup Snowboard finish.
  • The World Military Ski Championships again were held (with biathlon at Camp Johnson.)
  • The Snowboard program blossomed and became a force in competition. Twenty five qualified for Nationals and Lauren Whalley
    got Gold twice, Shay Manning wins a bronze and silver, and Jake Blauvelt wins a gold medal. More Combined awards followed.
  • At the Alpine Nationals, many current athletes competed, but former MMSC Erik Schlopy starred with a first in slalom at Jackson Hole.
  • Lauren Ross is recipient of the VARA Ginny Scholarship, and is named to 1999-2000 VARA Team.
  • Matt Knittle wins NCAA giant slalom for the University of Vermont.


  • Chip Knight ended up 2 nd in GS in the 2000 NorAm standings.
  • A new scholarship was created in memory of Wendy Nourjian, a ski club booster and founder of the Mt. Mansfield Academy.
    Abi Copeland won the 2000 Founders Scholarship.
  • Olympian Steve Mahre came to support the teams in the Vermont Olympic Challenge. The Smallwood-Hazelett team captured the bronze.
  • The MMESF dropped the "S" to become the Mt. Mansfield Educational Foundation. And the MMSC became the Mt. Mansfield Ski & Snowboard Club.
  • Bud Keane's riders brought home 11 medals and 6 national titles from the Finals at Mammoth. Lauren Whalley earned gold and silver.
  • Jenner Richards was chosen to coach at the FIS Junior Worlds in Austria.
  • The Director of the Mt. Mansfield Touring Center, John Higgins, died of cancer. The Stowe Derby was dedicated to him.
  • Bill Reichelt left to become the assistant coach at UVM, Jessica Reigle took over his JIVs. Joe Smith joined
    up as the Freestyle Head Coach. Chris Romano became Office Manager.
  • Bud Keane was named Jr. National Snowboard Team coach. Mary Beth Kreizel stayed on as Event Secretary.
  • Wait Yusen, a long time member and club supporter, crippled by a degenerative disease, was honored in a surprise
    luncheon at the Commodore; friends established a fund for the Walt Yusen Award for the Best Club Volunteer.
  • The experienced freestyle skiers, Rachel Karkowski and Steve Wolbrom signed up with the MMSC team.
  • Chip Knight took 2 nd in the NorAm's slalom standings and Erik Schlopy was on a roll with two World Cup GS silvers,
    and SG and slalom victories at Nationals.
  • Snowboarders Lauren Whalley, Alex Scherbatsky and Jake Blauvelt were named to the Junior National Team – and the mountain got a Superpipe dragon.
  • The Vermont Ski Museum was finally to be a reality on Stowe's old Town Hall. Restoration of the building was progressing and a 2002 opening predicted.
  • Jessica Kelley is recipient of the VARA Ginny Scholarship. Hannah Kreizel is recipient of VARA Mickey Cochran Scholarship.
  • Jessica Kelley, Lauren Ross, Tyler Barlow, Matt Knittle (UVM) named to 2000-2001 VARA Team.
  • MMSC is 2nd in the VARA Trophy Standings (JIII & JIV team competition)


  • Another Olympic year saw many MMSC athletes in Salt Lake City - as forerunners, coaches, and competitors.
    Bud Keane and Jesse Hunt coached, Lauren Whalley was Halfpipe forerunner, and Chip Knight and Erik Schlopy
    raced. Chip was 12 th in the slalom and Erik 14th.
  • Bish McGill, Linda Adams, and Tom Amidon were inductees to the MMEF Hall of Fame at a fun filled
    evening at Topnotch. Close to $13,000 was raised for the foundation.
  • At the annual team banquet, the biggest ever – MMEF awards were presented to Erik Gilbert, Sam Lukens, Kiki Rendall,
    Connor Moriarty, Olivia Caccavo, Anna Furney, Jack Reed, Chris Copeland, Tim Kelley and Charlie LaRosa.
  • The ski club acquired a new software program called Dartfish, which will provide new tools to analyze training and race video.
  • Work began on widening the Hayride to meet FIS specifications for homologation. The existing trail was no longer a candidate for major races.
  • The Club hosted its first sanctioned freestyle mogul competition, a big challenge for groomers. Our team fared well here and at many major events.
  • Jack Reed wins gold in Junior Olympic slalom, qualifies for Whistler Cup where he scores a top 10 result against the best JIIIs in the world.
  • Stephanie Peters and Amy Cochran are named to the Eastern Team.
  • James Cochran, Matt Knittle (UVM) named to 2001-2002 VARA Team.
  • MMSC is 4th in the VARA Trophy Standings (JIII & JIV team competition)


  • The new Hayride (the steepest race trail in the East) opened to all, with Eastern Cup races scheduled.
  • Ron Biedermann assumed the MMSC Presidency, as Paul Reed retired.
  • Bud Keane and Jenner Richards were taken away by the USST and Tom Anderson came to coach the riders.
  • The MMSC JIIIs and JIVs are best in Vermont, capturing the VARA Cup trophy, with scoring based on
    Vermont State Championship results. MMSC Junior III team was led by Peter Hazelett (Vermont State Champion) and Allison Martini.
  • Frostbite prevailed, stirring the unprepared at below-zero races. The JV-VI Duals was the usual circus, bumps and all,
    Dan Bak, Cameron Furrer, Cat Mullin, and Livia Biedermann raced ruts to the final four.
  • "Chick on Sticks" ruled the Ski Bum Races with two all-girls teams qualifying for the Championships. Jess Wells,
    Nancy Paul, Star Sudan and Kate Lapenta wore the crowns.
  • The Mansfield Ski and Snowboard Club adopted a new logo that reflects its larger program.
  • Erik Schlopy pulled off a podium in the World Championships in St. Moritz with a bronze in the GS. He also placed 15th in slalom,
    while Chip Knight raced to 11 th. Both are racing in the World cup series '03, '04.
  • The second generation of racing Cochran's continued the family tradition. Jimmy Cochran won 5 Eastern Cups and led UVM Team
    while cousin, Jessica Kelley was named to the USST "C" Team squad. Kelley was the 2002 World Junior silver medalist in GS
    and had a FIS-B slalom victory in Courmayeur, France. She also won two Eastern Cups and a FIS slalom in Jackson Hole.
  • Lauren Ross was also climbing in her career with fine finishes in FIS and NorAm races here and in Europe.
  • Kara Crow, Tucker Speer, Tim Kelley, Peter Hazelett, Chris Copeland, Hannah Allen, Anna Furney, Alison Martini,
    Erik Gilbert and Peter Ruschp won the annual MMEF Merit Awards.
  • Paul Lawson, the Club's indispensable race organizer, retired (sob).
  • Kara Crow was recipient of the VARA George Tormey Scholarship.
  • Kara Crow, Erik Johnson, Pat Quiet, Ethan Dahlberg, Jack Reed named to 2002-2003 VARA Team.


  • Erik Schlopy and Chip Knight on USST "A" Team, Lauren Ross on "B" Team, and Jessica Kelley and Jimmy Cochran on "C" Team.
  • Kara Crow, Peter Hazelett, Tim Kelley, and Amy Cochran (at UVM) named to 2003-2004 VARA Team.
  • MMSC is 2nd in the VARA Cup Trophy Standings (JIII & JIV team competition).
  • Tom Sequist resigns as Executive Director and is replaced Igor Vanovac.


  • Erik Schlopy on USST "A" Team, Lauren Ross, Chip Knight and Jimmy Cochran on "C" Team, and Jessica Kelley named to the "D" Team.
  • Hannah Allen named to 2004-2005 VARA Team.
  • MMSC win VARA Cup Trophy, awarded to the top JIII and JIV team in Vermont, based on results at the State Championships.
  • MMSC JIII Coach Mike Leach is recipient of VARA Volunteer of the Year Award.
  • Annie Rendall & Robbie Kelley each win J3 Olympics slalom and earn a trip to compete against the best JIIIs in the world
    at the Whistler Cup. Annie places in 5th in slalom and 10th giant slalom.
  • Andrew Shaw is elected to University of Vermont Hall Fame.


  • Seven current and former MMSC athletes named to the USST for the 2005-2006 season: Erik Schlopy (A), Chip Knight (B),
    Jimmy Cochran (B), Tim Kelley (D), Lauren Ross (B), Jessica Kelley (B), and Kara Crow (D)!
  • There is much anticipation to ride the new Big Spruce Quad Chairlift called Sensation. A new state-of-the-art snowmaking
    system is installed on the Main Street trail.
  • Micheline moves from assistant coach in the JIIIs to lead the JV&VI program. Emily Copeland takes over the JV head
    coaching duties. Romanian coach, Lorant Gudasz, joins Tom Silva and Mike Leach in the JIIIs. Lindy Cochran-Kelley
    joins the JII coaching staff. Bob St. Pierre heads up the Freestyle program. Mike Slaughter is head coach of the riders.
  • The MMSC develops new and improved website.
  • Annual Hall of Fame Dinner/Auction celebrates past MMSC Olympians: Tiger Shaw, Rosie Fortna, Billy Kidd, Madi Springer-Miller Kraus,
    Marvin Moriarty, Bud Keane, Jesse Hunt, Harper Phillips, Gordie Eaton, Marilyn Shaw-McMahon, Rip McManus, Erik Schlopy, Chip Knight,
    and Nancy Bell-Johnstone. Nine of these athletes attend to share memories.
  • Twelve athletes with MMSC ties are named to the 2005-2006 VARA Team: Alison Martini, Annie Rendall, Robbie Kelley, Casey Giebink,
    Chip Knight (USST), Erik Schlopy (USST), Jimmy Cochran (USST), Lauren Ross (USST), Tim Kelley (USST), Kara Crow (USST), Ellie Anderson (BMA).


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