Club History:





The decade of the seventies is best seen as the last era before innovation really took hold in the sport
of skiing. The club continued to see success as its best athletes competed successfully on the international
stages of the Olympics, the FIS World Championships and the new World Cup. Freestyle skiing came
to Stowe as well as professional ski racing. The Ski Bum races began.




  • MMSC Junior III & IV team was led by Dia Elliman, who won the Vermont State Championships.
  • The Ski Club created the tax-exempt Mt Mansfield Ski Educational Foundation to help fund racer development.
  • Henry Simoneau donated the famous "Smugglers Bowl" and the Ski Bum Race Series began. Even Charlie Lord
    and his team of "Senior Citizens" raced.
  • Billy Kidd won the bronze medal in the FIS World Championships in Val Gardena, Italy, in February and gold in the Combined.
  • The "Hopeful" program began (for those not of the 15 allowed in the JIII & IV team); Scott Moriarty and Dani Shaw on the roster.
  • First running of C.V. Starr Trophy race held in February. The Trophy, by Bob Bourdon, was modeled after Billy Kidd.
  • Tom Bryant won diamond Spruce GS pin, Mary Beth was the only previous winner.
  • Billy Kidd, retired from racing after one Pro season, became "Director of Skiing" at Steamboat Springs.


  • David Partridge built a new timer/printer for the club.
  • Ron Biedermann and Greg Bartlett were on National squad racing Can-Am circuit and Ron won first slalom.
  • Lyndall Heyer won the Junior National slalom title at Glen Ellen.
  • Jeff Stone and Rick Dworshak were big in JIII & IV Championships.


  • Smugglers Bowl race got big and serious. Eric Oberg and Barbie Nash were the top contenders.
  • Billy Kidd came home and spent time coaching MMSC juniors.
  • The annual dinner-dance was a sellout success with dancing to John Cassel & Band (does anyone remember sap beer?)
  • Charlie Black was honored for his service and Tom Amidon took over the Club presidency.


  • Resort purchases two Thiokol packers. Modern grooming era is underway.


  • Ron Biedermann was named to U.S. "A" Team and Lyndall Heyer to the "B" Team.
  • The first Stowe Winter Carnival featuring the Wowzzer logo was held.
  • Frank Springer-Miller died in November after decades of service to the MMSC.
  • John Morrissey, Fraser Buchanan, Rick Dworshak, and Jeff Nichols spent all of August training
    in Bariloche, Argentina.


  • The Stowe Winter Carnival featured the "Colgate Freestyle Championships" with $80,000 in prize money,
    aired on ABC's Wide World of Sports.
  • The Equitable Ski America Classic was also a big event.
  • Gub Langdon came to the Club as new Secretary/Treasurer.
  • M.J. Shaw came to the Club as new Executive Secretary filling Paul Biedermann's shoes.
  • Gale Driscoll becomes Stowe's first women patroller (SMR history timeline).


  • M.J. Shaw and Andrew Shaw made a clean sweep of the Equitable Ski Challenge in Park City
    and were written up in two National Magazines.
  • Gail Oberg becomes first female on the Mt. Mansfield Ski Patrol.
  • The U.S. Ski Team roster for 1977-78 included 7 MMSC racers:
    Ron Biedermann A-Team
    John Morrissey D-Team
    Doug Powell D-Team
    Tiger Shaw D-Team
    Lyndall Heyer D-Team
    Joanne Henry D-Team
    Heidi Knight D-Team
  • Heidi at 14 and Tiger at 15 are the two youngest on the roster. John Morrissey and Doug Powell
    were chosen to train in South America.
  • Sepp Ruschp retired as President of the Mt Mansfield Company – Verne Johnson came on board.


  • The MMSC again won the Equitable Challenge at Snowbird – Chuck and Chuckie Baraw, Millie and Tee Bryant.
    Rona and Joanne Klein got trophies from Jack Fey and a trip to Sun Valley.
  • On October 12, while training for the U.S. Team in Hintertux, Austria, Ron Biedermann was seriously injured.
    His life was saved by prompt air-lift and surgery and he returned to a New York hospital 3 weeks later.
  • Bart Bradford took over as Head Coach when Paul Reed retired.
  • Jesse Hunt and Beth Morrissey top the field at the JIII Easterns at Cranmore, NH.
  • Fourth winter carnival held with World Pro Race. (SMR history timeline)


  • "The Fastest Damn Ski Club in the Whole U.S." won the Grand Marnier Challenge Eastern Finals. Patti Knapp,
    Chuck Baraw, Trude Erhard, Tom Emmanuelson, Millie Bryant and Gerhard Schmidt – then went on to finals
    in Snowbird and the Championship.


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