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This decade brought the fame of the MMSC to new heights. MMSC skiers won Olympic medals.
The world’s very best skiers came to race in Stowe. “Citizen racing” began, later to evolve into
today’s ski bum racing. More lifts, more trails and even a gondola came to Stowe.




  • Betsy Snite (later to take up residence in Stowe), won the Slalom silver medal at the Squaw Valley Olympics.
    She was also 4th in the GS, and DSQ in the DH.
  • Paul Biedermann began as permanent Secretary of the Club.
  • The Mt Mansfield double chair opened as well as new trails named Centerline, Hayride, International (later Starr), and Chamois (the Goat).
  • Marvin Moriarty won the Stowe Cup, Billy Kidd was third.
  • The Austrians swept the men's International Races held in Stowe, Betsy Snite was second overall.
  • John Flint became Club president as ex-president Gale Shaw and M.J. produced Danielle. (SMR timeline says John Flint
    became president during the 1962-63 season).
  • Kneissl, Sailer and Plymold market the first commercially successful fiberglass skis. (Ski/R 1983 p47)


  • MMSC moves to Spruce Peak. (according to SMR timeline, this move was during 1963-64).
  • Marvin Moriarty retired Mt. Tremblant's Ryan Cup. Billy Kidd was 2 nd, Les Streeter 3 rd, and Rip McManus 4 th – a sweep for MMSC!
  • MMSC hosts National Junior Alpine Championships.
  • Moriarty turns professional (1961-62, SMR timeline).


  • The weekly Little Spruce giant slalom was started – 50 cents entry.
  • Billy Kidd was racing FIS in Europe, Patty Harrington, and Skip Bryan at Junior Nationals. Billy, Skip and Peter Ruschp were summer racing and winning in Chile. Rip was in the Army but training in Colorado with the U.S. Team.
  • First women enter Stowe Derby (SMR history timeline).


  • In the Stowe Cup, Billy Kidd led the way with strong individual placing by Gordi Eaton, Peter Ruschp,
    Roger Buchika (also MMSC's) and Skip Bryan.
  • Patti Harrington won the Vt. Junior Alpine Championships and qualified for the Nationals.
  • The MMSC's Billy Kidd and Rip McManus were both named to the 1964 U.S. Olympic Team in Innsbruck.
  • The Little Spruce chair began service to new East Run, West Run, and Side Street.


  • Patty Harrington and Roger Buchika won Orvis Trophy.
  • Billy Kidd took silver in the Innsbruck's Olympic Slalom – only 0.14 seconds behind Austria's Pepi Stiegler. Jimmy Heuga was the bronze medalist. Those were the first American alpine medals in Olympic history. Bob Beattie praises Rip's contribution and effort.
  • After Stowe's celebratory parade, a post-Olympic race was held. Billy Kidd and Jr. Rebel Ryan were 1 st and 2 nd in GS, Buddy Werner the DH winner, Italy's Pia Riva and Jean Soubert won the women's events – all filmed by CBS.
  • Werner was killed shortly thereafter in a Swiss avalanche.
  • Moriarty wins International Pro Ski Race to become first American male to beat Europeans in 44 years. (SMR history timeline).
  • The up and coming Cochran kids dominated the junior Sugar Slalom results.
  • The first Lange all plastic buckle boots are commercially available. (Ski/R 1983 p49)


  • The Nosedive was straightened – the 7 turns became 3 – all for FIS approval and grooming ability.
  • Rosie Fortna and Gordi Eaton took Stowe Cup honors.
  • The State of Vermont honors Billy, Betsy, and Andrea Mead Lawrence with a float in Inaugural Parade.


  • Bill Harrington became Club President.
  • Stowe hosted U.S. Alpine Championships – Marielle Goitschel and Guy Perillat on top, Jean Claude Killy was combined 2nd,
    and Jimmy Heuga was 3rd.
  • Erica ("Ricky") Skinger and the Cochran kids trained with U.S. Ski Team in Vail. Gordi Eaton was a USST Coach.
  • 565 skiers compete in Sugar Slalom


  • Ricky Skinger won the combined championship at the Jr. Nationals, held on her home hill winning the Nosedive downhill by 1.32 seconds.
    Marilyn, Barbara, and Bobby Cochran all had top finishes, with Bobby first in GS.
  • Weezie Sparks scorched the Vermont Junior field, with slalom and GS victories. As a result, both Weezie and Ricky were invited to train
    with the U.S. Team in Bend, Oregon, and Ricky went to Chile.
  • The first World Cup Competitions staged. Credited with the Cup's inception are U.S. Ski Team Coach Bob Beattie,
    French Ski Team Coach Honore Bonnet and French journalist Serge Lang. (Ski/R 1983 p49)


  • Billy Kidd was named to the Grenoble, France, Winter Olympic squad.
  • Racing in Europe, Ricky Skinger competed with Karen Budge (Eaton).
  • The original gondola, Cliff House and new trails opened in November of '68.
  • Snowmaking comes to Little Spruce.
  • The MMSC Junior race program had new stars coming along, such as Cece Teague, Ron Biedermann, and Greg Bartlett.
    Along with Steve Murphy, Allison Teague and Sally Flory, the trio attended a U.S. junior camp coached by Gordi Eaton.
  • Sally Flory, Cece Teague and Steve Murphy were the top MMSC racers in the Eastern Juniors.


  • Rip McManus stars as "Bruce Devore" in the movie Downhill Racer also featuring Robert Redford.
  • International Alpine (F.I.S.) Ski Competition held.


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